Continuity Of Information Stream

I usually get ideas in the shower, but this one hit me while taking a crap. And for a reason. I thought, “My crap is so different every time. Once its dark and hard, other times it’s brownish yellow almost fluffy etc…” Then simply because we consider this crappy shit to be nasty, we are afraid to talk about it, discuss it, and analyze it. But if we take the initiative to only think about something that has been guarded by a barrier so insignificant as bad smell, we will probably discover many new, interesting, and useful facts.

I want to mention one more thing before I share my idea. I read an article on Twitter, which is simply a little widget that has your status such as, “I am eating” or “I just came back from X’s party where I met great people”. It basically is quite useless, except for one side, unsuspected effect – you get to develop a sixth sense of what other people are currently doing. You are bombarded with useless information of your friends and people you subscribe to, but they add up and after a while, you subconsciously begin to accumulate this data and make sense of it, so basically if your friend mentioned at some point that they had a bad week, you probably won’t bother them to help you with math homework (all that subconsciously). This feeling of what is going on emerges.

Now back to the shit.? If you start to record and track your dumpings you will probably start noticing some trends that we have been quite unknown till that moment. If you start tracking other things also such as what you eat, how much you exercise etc, you might be able to reach conclusions that it’s actually the peppers in your mom’s soup, not the tomatoes that give you stomach ache. Or maybe that if you run more than 2 miles at a time, your shit gets quite Y which according to the studies means that your body is craving for vitamin/mineral Z. So I wish there was a way of doing this tracking without getting my hands dirty.

On the other side, there is probably tons of other information streams that can be adopted to discover brand new theories much more significant than your mom’s pepper-tomato cooking.

Accepting any ideas for such streams…

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  1. I’d say vomit has a much higher signal-to-noise ratio than feces. You can make some guesses about what caused certain properties of your crap, but when you vomit you are perfectly aware of why you did.

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