Ideas 2012 Part I – Online-Based

Image by Tsahi Levent-Levi

The following is a list of ideas that I have collected on my phone. These are only the Online-based ideas. I will write two more posts for the High-tech Ideas & the Non-tech Ideas.

If you had the same idea and you are making a business around it, please let me know about it, I’d love to see how it goes! Here we go:

  1. In-app Referrals – Referral programs to invite other people through the app/mobileGame seems like it would be an awesome idea for marketing. Successful referrals will bring extra gems, virtual money, longer trials etc.
  2. Mobile Game-Dating App – You define the type of person you are looking for – city, age, ‘hotness’. Then you get a random opponent for any of the possible games/apps. You play or do something together. After each level you can chat for a bit or exchange some information. Eventually, after completing all levels the two persons get connected. By then they will have cooperated, known each other in different situations and so on. Games could be not only virtual but also in real life (go to such and such coordinates and burry this thing…)
  3. Life Advice – a site that gathers life advice and experience stories, organizes it, makes parallels, tags, groups. Knowledge and experience should not be lost when people pass away but should be transfered to young people to build on it.
  4. Chat Support – When you code sometimes there is a problem you can’t solve. Currently you can put code on StackOverflow, but it will take anywhere between 10 minutes and 10 days to get answered. If you are in the process of development, you need the answer immediately. For that purpose, if you could find someone to chat live and he can look at the code and solve it with you, that would be awesome. I will be even willing to pay for such fast immediate support, rather than spending hours being stuck on a problem. Gurus can have ratings, you can have favorite gurus, they can be split in languages and platforms they know etc.
  5. Real Life Game – there should be a site, where you record your life happenings, you get points, you level up, you get or define new targets and objectives. This way you will be more focused. Your attention will be on your life development, just like your hero in World Of Warcraft. Your character will be the real YOU.
  6. Accountant Reminder – A lot of starting businesses try to save money on doing their accounting, filing forms themselves. However, often times there are extra things that need to be filed, deadlines not to be missed. So one of the accounting companies should make a site, where you sign up, put a few details and you get reminders of when what should be submitted. Startups will be happy, accountants can then possibly service those small companies when they grow.
  7. Crowd Knowledging – This is recognizing a problem rather than a solution – there should be a site/system that is able to extract the knowledge of the masses on different topics. Example. You make a social network for kids. They sign up. Little by little you ask them what school they are in, what grade, who’s their teacher This way the information will emerge little by little. This way the full information on the entire system will show up, with feedbacks, who’s good, who’s bad, who’s doing their job right etc.
  8. Site Support – When you are supporting live a client on the screen, you can recreate their experience and see what they are doing on the site live. You can also show them things on the screen that will pop up or blink. Screen sharing not through video, but actionscript recreation.
  9. Press Play to Work – Just like farmville is a business you control your resources, purchases, you could have a system that controls your real business – restaurant, coffee place, etc. You just sit on the computer, and work out the things from there.
  10. Live Cam Porn – site with channels. People watch only live. The better girls perform, the better rating. The more people visit, the more money girls will make through revenue sharing. You can pay money to be the one to interact with the girl (tell them to do things, talk with them etc).
  11. Mindmaps online – It is amazing how many apps and software there is for mindmapping and yet no web-based solution.
  12. Mobile Mating App – You define your gender and parameters of your phone. Then you mate it with other peoples phones. They have their own connection and lives, but around them you meet people too.
  13. Discussion Board Online – Should be texts that you can comment on specific paragraphs or parts. Then those comments anew can be commented on in branched discussions. So it would become like google maps zoomable with arguments and information. If something is proved right, the whole branch becomes green etc.
  14. Your Recipes – A site where you keep your own recipes. You collect, you test, you share to friends etc. Your mom’s recipes will be there and your grandmas, and some saved from a site, others linked to your friends etc
  15. Perfect House – People often wait for man years before they can afford to buy a living place. And when the decision is taken, the house is furnished in the cheapest fastest way. However this is the place where you would spend most of the time, so it would be nice to have it as you like. There should be a site where you collect things you would like about your future home through the years. Then when time comes you would know what to put in your house, what colors it would be, what style in general, etc. You would have taken pictures of things you have seen in nice places you have been. You will be prepared because you will have catalogued many many things you like about your future house.

Don’t be shy, tell me what you think about any of them.

19 Replies to “Ideas 2012 Part I – Online-Based”

  1. I like 14. While you find many recipes on the web, in the newspaper and everywhere, it would be good to keep a list of the recipes that were tried by myself and was good. And of course, I would be interested which recipes were successfully tried by other people..

  2. I love seeing lists like these, thanks for sharing. I might share my own list, I have probably 100 ideas on it.

    1. Yeah, please do share! You never know when somebody will combine ideas into the breakthrough startup!

  3. #4. Nobody else in my company is worth a crap when it comes to SW devt. If I want to create a script to do “x”, and get stuck, SE is one of my only options. Live chat would be immensely better.

    1. Yeah, I feel your pain. Hopefully someone will do it and it will be profitable and meaninful to us all.

    1. NIce, let’s see if it works right.
      Please put the ingredients before the cooking instructions.

  4. #15: can be used to collect images and organize them in different sets for each room. I can also share these with my friends and get some of their feedbacks.

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