Getting to James Hong

[not spam]

The more I read what he writes (blog), what he says (eg. interview w/ Jessica Livingston from Founders At Work), or watch videos of him (with Guy Kawasaki) the more I think he is really amazing. Firm thinking, good decisions, awesome philosophy. I really want to meet him and maybe ask a few questions.

Turns out though I can’t find his email (I guess he took it down so crazy girls don’t bother him). The only way seems to be registering on and click “Meet James Hong” but invitations from a guy on hotornot is going to be way too awkward (if not spammed anyway).

So here I ask of you: send this post to the most likely of your good friends that might know someone, that might know someone else that might know….James Hong. Let’s see how long (how many hops) it takes if it ever gets through. I will report results in an update.

Thanx a bunch