Ideas 2012 Part III – Non-Tech

Yet more ideas…

  1. house windows that change so that when light is coming from inside
    they are blocked and you cant see from outside. No curtains and manual
    moving. Guaranteed privacy without thinking about it
  2. vitamin shots. You guy and buy from anywhere this little bottle of
    100ml water and vitamins. You twist it, it mixes and you drink it.
  3. noise cancelling for building windows. If you can do it for the ears, you should be able to do it for the whole building, no?
  4. Reader Job Position – Every company should have a job position “reader” This is a person that constantly reads books relevant to operations makes summaries and gives the knowledge to those who work and don’t have time to read.
  5. Phone dating – meeting someone by swapping physically phones. You get the cell phone of
    someone for five minutes and try to smooch as much information as
    possible. Notes, emails etc….
  6. Fun in Subway – Everyone with sad or beat up face in the subway should smile. There should be papers or devices or TV that display only good and fun things every morning. Jokes, fun stuff, comedies. As a social experiment we should see how much better their day is.
  7. New currency – 1favor. Please repost this on your profile in exchange for 3favors. This item costs 5favors.
  8. carpool goodness. People sign up, make accounts, have profiles.
    Drivers and hitchhickers define destinations. Gps matches them and
    brings them together. Each of them leaves comments, ratings etc.
    Account info can be confirmed. People wont be scared because if
    something happens system knows who is involved, where they were etc.
  9. Material that holds 70 degrees C. Just like ice and water hold 0 degrees until all ice melts, there are materials with different melting points. If we have one that melts at 70 C, you could keep it under your cup of tea/coffee to keep it warm constantly. Recharges in Microwave?
  10. Problem: production of meat takes a lot of land. We don’t think about that because someone else is doing it – we just pay. But if our consumption is tied to the production (ex every body “own” their batch of land) then we would be thinking a lot more…
  11. Comparison magazine: instead of looking at prices of T-mobile, you should see all cellular providers: prices, quality, deals…
  12. Mosquito locator – enhances mosquito sound. Just like your ears can locate the position of an object, microphones can locate a mosquito and possibly display it on a screen or lighten in up in the room.
  13. spoiled food tester – a device with which you can objectively measure if the food is bad or not. Chemically or something like that.
  14. A movement in which every shop or business or craft should have at least 1 free spot for people to learn. That would be advertisement and will bring pleasure to people to try new things they might like.
  15. Rice bags – they sell rice in bags. You cook it by throwing it in the pan with the bag. I just don’t get why they don’t sell rice bags only, so you can put any rice that was purchased in bulk.
  16. community cars. 1 car for 6 people and they sign up for it when
    they need it. This way there are so many cars that arent in use.
  17. farm with cows and other animals for fun. Paid maybe. With lessons? How to take eggs, how to milk cows…
  18. Center for starting businesses. Helping everybody that starts something.
  19. Social Restaurant with “we want to be on our own” tables and “want to talk to other
    people” tables 🙂
  20. Blood is basically a transporter of oxygen and nutrients. If you inject units that hold more and release more efficiently those two, you should be able to get superhumans. Farfetched, i know. Basically new and more efficient blood.
  21. Problem center. It could research problems people come with. You come and some people try to help you out in resolving the issue. A lot of people don’t know at all how to approach issues and start solving them systematically.
  22. Shower button – a button that starts and stops water, instead of a knob that turns for hot/cold.
  23. Modular blocks that you can use to build houses. You design what you want in the internet and then it calculates what blocks and how many you build it yourself. Lego houses.
  24. Ungarbaging – at the entrances of a park there should be garbage picking sticks. You walk in, you take one, and as you walk, you collect garbage and you leave at the other entrace. walking + doing something good.